GoAppified sign EMV in Transit contract with Flytoget in Norway

It a pleasure to announce that GoAppified has signed the Omnichannel Payment Service Provider and Acquiring Services contract with Flytoget in Norway, also known as EMV in Transit.

Flytoget operates the highspeed train from Norway’s main airport in Gardermoen to Oslo and its surrounding cities, serving more than 5 million passenger a year with a yearly turnover of 1 billion Norwegian kroner (+100 million Euro) in card payment.
GoAppified will deliver an Open loop Payment solution, making it possible for all passengers to enable their contactless Visa, Mastercard or BankAxept at turnstiles, when entering the gates for departure and arrivals from Gardermoen Airport in the same way as using a travel card in a closed loop payment solution.
The EMV solution will be based on Variable fare ticketing with our PCI brand certified platform (L3) with contactless card readers from PAX Technology and our CB2 transit application to manage, authorize, accounting and settle payment transactions and calculate fares through our API platform linked to Flytogets Fare Calculation Engine (FCE).


GoAppified will also deploy a Tokenization platform, that will secure and validate the passenger, using best practices and applicable sensitive data protection, secure storage, audit, authentication and authorization in our Omnichannel PSP solution covering both card present and e-commerce card payment.
With the PSD2 regulation it is no longer allow for the merchant to surcharge EMV card fees and the introduction of contactless payment without pin, has already changed the payment landscape and consumer expectations and behavior from paying less with cash to increased payment with EMV card.
We do see a future of a cashless society with increased use of EMV cards and Tokenization, where the merchant instead of issuing a wallet or loyalty card can issue a unique token to its customers EMV card, when the EMV card is registered at the merchant’s webpage.
Tokenization will change the landscape of loyalty cards and lower the merchant distribution cost of these, and the customer will still be known to the merchant from the issued token when paying with a signed EMV card.

Flytoget and GoAppified

We are proud and thankful that Flytoget has signed the contract with GoAppified, which is the best acknowledgement we can get of our effort to be a market leader in the payment industry by continuously having focus on deploying new innovations and payment solutions to our customers.
With this contract, GoAppified are ready to enter the Norwegian market and will introduce our PSP services for all Norwegian merchants, with our integrated POS and payment solutions from PAX, why we will continue to grow our business in the Nordics.
The EMV in Transit solution will be in full production by 1st of July 2020.

Video-source: Flytoget / Youtube (all rights reserved)

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